City of Toquerville
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Mayor & City Council

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Mayor Lynn Chamberlain
Ph: 435-668-1290



Leadership/Staff Management/TSWS/ DTAC/ Emergency Preparedness

Council Member
Keen Ellsworth

Ph: 702-401-5262



Economic Development/Fire District Representative

Council Member
Mike Ruesch
Ph: 435-414-8964



Parks and Recreation/ Trails/ Cemetery/ Tree Board/ Beautification Committee / Planning Commission Liaison


Council Member

Ty Bringhurst

Ph: 435-218-5272


Streets, Storm Drain, Sidewalks/ MPO/ Water Dept./

Council Member

Paul Heideman
Ph: 435-635-2273


Culture & Recreation/ Sewer District Representative/
Confluence Park Representative

Council Member

Justin Sip 
Ph: 435-668-0848



 Solid Waste Representative/ Mosquito Abatement Representative/
Risk Management/ City Hall